woensdag 17 november 2010

Gr¨àn V*elvµt

'Please, fix my sink dear sir with massive, hairy hands.'
'No problem Mister De Paepe, I will start right away. And you look astonishingly handsome today, I must say'
'I need you to work through the night, no matter what the cost,' De Paepe said coldly, as the serial killer he is.
'Certainly sir. And, euhm, by the way, your girly pink blouse is on fire.'
'This information is irrelevant,' cried out De Paepe with his trembling hands moving in a womanly fashion. Nevertheless he hurried outside, towards the pond in which his beloved dog drowned years ago. With a leap of faith he jumped into the dark brown water. Immediately he began crying like the little baby that he is. After some time he climbed out of the water and undressed. Naked, he went inside to check on the plumber.
'How's it going, Mister De Paepe? I notice you are naked. This disgusts me, and I will now start strangling you!'
And they fought like there was no tomowwow!

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